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You could spend hours or even months to have the perfect social media strategy in place. But still, it all comes down to a social media post to deliver your core message to your target audience.

By social media post, we refer to the post formats in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In these post formats, certain elements are common; texts, creatives, links, tags (location & people), and hashtags.

Today, posts are a bit outdated due to lower organic reach:

  • Mature social media platforms decreased the reach intentionally so that people use ads and pay for more reach.
  • Video and mobile-friendly new formats have been introduced, becoming popular, such as Stories and Reels.

But for us, a simple social media post could still mean a lot, especially in SME marketing. Besides, the posts can be easily integrated into digital ad campaigns, so why not make them stand out?

Let us walk you through a three-step compact guide to nail these posts.

How to Make Your Social Media Post Stand Out in 3 Simple Steps

To understand what makes up an excellent social media post, we must understand the core elements. At its core, a post has three components;  copy, creative and tags.

Copy is the text that we write on a post. The creative can be a photo or a video. It could be designed raw or even a repost from someone else. Tags help social media platform algorithms understand what the post is all about and to who it relates.

Each of these elements has its own best practices so let’s break it down and go through them.

1- Include People or Businesses in Your Posts

If you can make your posts personal, you can ultimately step up your social media management game! So next time when you are making a post, try this out and see it yourself.

In an effective marketing strategy, we are trying to establish trust, and when we involve real people or businesses in our efforts, that mission is easily accomplished.

Also, tagging other people or businesses in your posts usually triggers a response – which is even better. You will see a snowball effect in post engagements, so happy days!

In the beginning, start by tagging your customers or business partners. Once you learn how it works, you can begin tagging almost anyone. Don’t be afraid of being consciously irrelevant because any brand awareness through owned media is very much welcomed for businesses.

Businesses, personal or corporate, survive on relationships, so try to reach a wide range of other social media accounts with your posts. Don’t underestimate the power of social selling; plant your seeds in social media, and watch your brand grow in the long run!

2- Make Your Social Media Copy Exceptional

Texts are welcomed in all parts of marketing. For the perfect copy, we have to write excellent text and combine that with other elements such as tags, links and even emojis.

But what is the perfect social media text? Is there a one fit for all recipe? Here is some solid advice from us:

  1. Think about what you want to achieve before writing,
  2. Consider the specific target group and adjust the language,
  3. Whatever you are writing, make sure that anyone can understand it,
  4. To do that, you can structure your post using inductive or deductive reasoning,
  5. Use excellent formatting with paragraphs, appropriate spacing, and listicles,
  6. Embed the location tags, hashtags, or people naturally in the text,
  7. If you want people to take action, make it clear with a Call-to-Action (CTA),
  8. Once you publish your post, check out how it looks on mobile as well.

3- Pay Extra Attention to Creative

Do you know why social media post creative is essential?

Because amongst all other social media post elements, post creative takes up the most extensive space on the screen. Simple as that.

Besides, with the recent updates, you could also add music to your post such as an Instagram post, making it even more attention-grabbing.

Let’s also make a note of the creative types to put things into perspective:

  • Raw Photo & Video
  • Designed Creative
  • Repost

Now, what are the best practices regarding social media post creatives?

  • Always find a way to integrate real people in your posts and use fewer stock images or videos, charts and text overlay,
  • If you are using raw photos, choose attention-grabbing ones and don’t seek too much relevancy with your text,
  • When using designed creatives, add brand elements such as colours, fonts or sounds for brand recall,
  • Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC) but don’t repost unappealing posts as they are, instead redesign them add your brand’s touch,
  • Make posts that show your products or services from the customers perspective,
  • Also, make posts that show how you make your customers feel.

Posts are the foundational social media content, so you are also learning how to create other content types when you are mastering them.

Start applying our social media post best practices today, and let us know if you also have a secret sauce when managing your socials!