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 Social media management often refers to coming up with a social media strategy, taking care of the daily routines, and finally doing some proactive work to establish healthy community growth.

When these three essentials are handled with care, social media could become one of the most versatile tools for branding.

But most businesses only focus on routines such as sharing content and replying to messages or comments.

As a result, social media strategy and proactive social media management are overlooked.

That’s why we wanted to discuss a couple of vital tactics for proactive social media management and give you an idea of what it looks like.

You would be surprised how exciting it gets when you start managing your social media outside the box.

So if you are ready to widen your digital marketing horizon with these proactive social media tips, let’s dive in!

5 Vital Tactics For Proactive Social Media Management

1. Monitor (Listen) Topics, Places, or Hashtags

Before you do anything, why not go ahead and check out relevant profiles, topics, places, or hashtags on your preferred social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

This is a great way to start your proactive social media management day because you can only take appropriate actions if you know what’s going on around your important topics.

For instance, check out places on Instagram nearby your business, save the interesting posts and decide what to do later on, such as liking or commenting.

You should also regularly monitor your brand hashtags and location for user-generated content (UGC).

Usually, it’s your customers who create the best content for your business. So let’s keep a close eye on UGC.

2. Start Following Relevant Profiles or Pages

Instagram allows you to follow 200 profiles a day. When you divide that into 24 hours, we end up getting around 8 follows per hour. Altogether you can follow 7500 people in your profile.

So, why not start finding relevant profiles and follow them? These could be your current customers, prospects, or industry leaders. This is a great way to grow a community manually.

Also, by constantly following relevant people, we are sending strong signals to the Instagram algorithm. As a result, Instagram starts giving us more relevant profiles in its explore tab.

Following relevant profiles is crucial for our digital advertising targeting, especially if your digital ads team uses your current following and creates lookalike audiences.

3. Be social – Like & Comment on Top & Recent Posts

Like & Comment on Top & Recent Posts

One of the best ways to do this is by searching for hashtags and reacting. Each business or brand would benefit from various hashtags. These hashtags often contain a location or a topic.

Some hashtags are super relevant to your business, whereas some are more generic, therefore less relevant. How to strategize around them? Let’s take the brand Quiksilver as an example.

#beach #surf #outdoors are generic, but the brand can still benefit from them, so monitoring, liking, and commenting on certain posts would be beneficial. If the social media team is large enough, why not allocate some sources?

#boardshorts #quiksilver #wetsuitaccessories are much more relevant, so if the team focuses on monitoring and engaging with these hashtags, they would turn more strangers into visitors and leads.

This is not only an Instagram growth strategy. It also works brilliantly with slight adjustments in Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. So why not give it a try?

4. Leverage User Generated Content by Repost

As the name suggests, user-generated content (UGC) is the content that your customers or potential buyers are creating. UGC often comes to life in three cases or scenarios:

  1. Customers create content onsite in brick-and-mortar businesses. “This Shrimp taco is delicious.”
  2. Customers create content after receiving online goods or services. “Just unboxed my GoPro9 – it’s great!”
  3. Influencers create content to cooperate with you. “Love my new @Oakley shades.”

UGC is great because you get the best possible content without zero effort. Your graphic designers can also adjust them if needed.

So why not actively monitor your social media for UGC and repost them in your profile. Just don’t forget to ask permission before reposting.

5. Giveaway & Collaborate with Influencers

Giveaways and lotteries are some of the oldest tricks in the marketing encyclopedia. In social media giveaways, followers are usually required to follow and like a post and tag a few friends.

This creates a snowball effect and can cause a sharp increase in the following count and engagement rates. That’s why giveaway campaigns turned into a silver bullet for certain brands.

Especially for large organizations with a sizeable following, it’s a great way to establish a spectacular organic reach.

Also, with the help of giveaways, prospects get to try out new goods and services. Once they do, they might become a repeat buyer.

A great giveaway campaign doesn’t have to take place on your profile. In fact, posting giveaway campaigns at an influencer’s profile can boost campaign performance by storm.

Collaborating with influencers (influencer marketing) also causes organic follower growth and engagement rate lift. But more importantly, you could accomplish a considerable amount of sales, especially for physical goods.

If you are about to kick off your brand, especially an e-commerce store, collaborating with influencers is by far the most effective marketing strategy! You can land your first sales and get some brand awareness cost-effectively.

Social media management has its routines that we expect perfect execution. But let’s face it, for healthy community growth, what’s more important? The answer is proactive social media management.

That’s exactly why we put together this article, and hopefully, you can now step up your social media management game as well and start growing your brand!

And if you are unsure, we`re here to help.