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Independent Property Valuations

Case study for logo design, brand assets, brand guidelines, website copy writing and website design

Independent Property Valuations (IPV) is a well-established company specialising in property valuation services. Despite their expertise, the business owner felt that their branding was outdated and no longer reflected the company’s values and services accurately.


  • Outdated logo: The existing logo did not align with IPV’s current identity and values.
  • Website limitations: The website lacked user-friendly features and content was not up to date.
  • SEO deficiencies: The website’s content was not optimised for search engines, hindering online visibility.
  • Brand perception: The dated branding negatively impacted the company’s image among clients and staff.


Throughout the process,we collaborated very closely with IPV to ensure their vision was realised. Client feedback was integrated into the design and content creation process to meet their specific requirements.


  1. Modern and professional logo and brand assets that  maintain the brand’s credibility, values and professionalism.
  2. We created a modern and professional website with enhanced user experience and functionality including:
  • SEO-optimised copywriting to improve search engine rankings.
  • Integrated secure online payment options for client convenience.
  • Updated team profiles to showcase expertise and professionalism.
  • Creating a Blog section for SEO as well as to establish IPV’s authority in the industry.

Both staff and clients provided positive feedback on the new branding, indicating improved perception and satisfaction.

Masterfix Projects

Case study for website design, copy writing, social media management, advertising, and lead generation

Masterfix Projects is a Sydney-based company specialising in home renovations including kitchens, bathrooms, alfresco, custom joinery, and carpentry.

Following the completion of Masterfix Project’s website that included copy writing as well, the company’s founders, Anthony, and Jamie, entrusted us with the management of their social media accounts. We have been overseeing Masterfix’s social media presence since January 2023. Since taking the reins, the owners have received positive feedback regarding the quality and engagement of our posts, resulting in a steady increase in their follower count.

In June 2023, the team at Masterfix approached us to explore additional lead generation strategies and reach out to potential new clients. We suggested the implementation of social media advertising, and the outcomes have been compelling. Since then, we’ve managed to not only further boost their following on Facebook and Instagram, but also consistently generate an average of 2-3 leads per week, with a more leads coming through Messenger.


Case study for website copy writing, social media management, design, and advertising

Plans4Kids is a boutique NDIS plan management startup providing plan management for kids, teenagers, and adults. The NDIS Plan management space is extremely competitive so finding the right approach was crucial for the company to take off.

The owner initially approached Olivetree Marketing for website copywriting services. Delighted with the outcomes, they decided to subscribe to our comprehensive monthly marketing package, which encompassed Google ads, social media management, graphic design, email marketing, and strategy. Among these marketing endeavours, our most significant achievements were observed in social media management, design, and mailout campaigns.