Healthcare Marketing – 3 Foundational Tips To Benefit Straight Away

The 4Ps of marketing (price, promotion, place and product) never change. But when we niche down to an industry such as healthcare, we often need minor adjustments in our marketing strategies.

Healthcare business is the umbrella term that varies from hospitals to physiotherapy and care centres, NDIS businesses, chiropractors, specialist clinics and beauty centres.

In healthcare marketing, marketers usually shape strategies around three main types of audience; clients, service providers, and referrers depending on the healthcare provider.

Nonetheless, there have been profound changes in technology and healthcare, pushing the boundaries of healthcare marketing to a broader spectrum. Even so, some marketing experts suggest a new 5 Ps of Healthcare Marketing: Providers, Patients, Payers, Public, and The Presence of Politics.

healthcare marketing tips

3 Essential Healthcare Marketing Tips That Are Actually Helpful

As you can see, healthcare marketing deals with various parties that could be complex. But we are here to uncomplicate it.

Healthcare is one of our specialities as a marketing agency. Besides, we closely follow the digital marketing trends essential in healthcare businesses.

So let’s start by going through our 3 essential healthcare marketing tips that you can benefit from immediately!

1- Establish Trust By Publishing Informative Content

Establishing trust is the number one priority in marketing. But if there is one sector, trust is even more essential: healthcare.

Health conditions are pretty personal, whether we are talking about a cosmetic matter or a severe medical condition. Clients and providers are usually on the verge of exchanging very sensitive information with each other.

That brings us to the question, how do you establish trust in the first place, especially if clients, providers or the public don’t know you yet? How do you make them feel like your practice is the one to choose?

Trust was established through referrals by clients from friends or family back in the day. Client referrals are still solid today, but we can also benefit from content marketing. We are talking about exchanging information but in the digital world.

Clients and providers are constantly searching for solutions to their problems online. Let’s take chest pain as an example. In Australia alone, the keyword has a 6.6K monthly search volume.

Chest Pain Keyword Analysis In Australia

So if you are a healthcare practice that can address solutions to chest pain, having digital content such as an article or video will help establish trust.

If you really want to step up your game, webinars with your expert providers can also bring lots of awareness and trust!

Below you can see who appears in Google search results on the first page; you can see a dozen well-trusted healthcare organizations, including WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Heart.Org!

Because the core of healthcare is based on knowledge, is there a better thing than the knowledge that can establish trust? Since trust is the ultimate growth factor in this niche, why not showcase your expertise in the best way possible?

2- Help People Understand Complex Medical Terms

Healthcare businesses solve rather complex problems, but it doesn’t mean you can’t simplify the processes or even terms.

Not everybody is familiar with medical terms that contain Latin words. People often search for solutions using simple keywords.

You can’t expect people to search for tachycardia or atrial fibrillation; instead, ordinary people would search for heart palpitations or arrhythmia.

Also, using plain language and being utterly descriptive with conditions, treatments, or services is a must. In some cases, it might even be a good idea to highlight the spelling of a certain condition.

Below is an excellent example from Mayo Clinic!

All in all, doing thorough research on how clients translate medical terms into daily language and creating content towards that might become handy.

3- Don’t Be Aggressive But Don’t Be Naive Either

Let’s face it; healthcare businesses are not regular entities; therefore, healthcare marketing is also slightly different.

In most cases, you can’t write a copy such as “Let’s get your heart pumping, better than ever!” as a cardio physician and run on Facebook ads with an alerting 50% heart check-up deal of the year creative!

But then again, you can’t just sit in your practice and let the clients’ book appointments out of the blue. Going with the cardio example, what you can do, though, is host short online consultation sessions free of charge.

This is a great way to connect with new clients and nurture them with your expertise in the free consultation session. Of course, before that happens, you have to appear in the search results, which is possible by SEO.

We are trying to say that healthcare businesses still need to execute effective marketing strategies with a relatively softer language.

If you want to find out more about healthcare marketing, give us a call here and let us discuss the well-being of your business this time!

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