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Effective Marketing Strategy – 3 Step Guide to Success in Today’s World

Effective marketing strategy is a manifestation. It approaches the company’s mission and vision from the marketing side of things. It describes your offering, who you will deliver it to, how you will deliver it, and who your competitors are.

We made that sound simple, but if you are seeking an effective marketing strategy in today’s world, we found three unique steps that are key to success;

1- Focusing on Short Term Goals
2- Mastering Social Media & Content
3- Thinking Like a Small Business

3 Outside the Box Tips to Effective Marketing Strategy in Today’s World

Our world has been dramatically changing; access to information is easier than ever before. Mobile devices and apps are a big part of our lives, and advanced technology such as artificial intelligence significantly affects how consumers perceive goods and services.

Traditional marketing strategy focuses on long term goals, a good channel mix, competitor analysis and mass marketing campaigns. Moreover, in the classic approach, marketing and sales are two separate functions having a few touchpoints.

Today, these approaches or rules are getting outdated. Especially with the Pandemic, social media became the number one channel for all kinds of business. Also, the gap between marketing and sales are now so much smaller. Thanks to conversational marketing, it’s possible to make your services much more personal.

Now let’s take a closer look at the three steps to an updated version of an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy

1. Focus on Short Term Goals

It might sound the opposite of an effective marketing strategy but focusing on short term goals is a growth hack in today’s world. Traditional marketing strategies suggests concentrating on long term goals and let the marketing plan take care of short term objectives.

However, in an ever-changing atmosphere, a marketing strategy that focuses on the long term becomes inefficient. Today, let your marketing strategy become your marketing plan. Be agile, make quarterly marketing decisions and allow your company to react to changes much faster.

2. Master Social Media & Content

In this era, social media undoubtedly has become the top-performing marketing channel. But there is a prerequisite if you want to rock on social media; you have to master how to create content.

Since your target audience is active in social media, it’s not hard to attract them: segment them and create personalized content. To create content, you could use a design tool like Canva and improve your writing skills.

Learning how to manage social media proactively takes time, but you might also take a shortcut and read our previously published article: 5 Vital Tactics For Proactive Social Media Management!

3. Think Like a Small Business

Small businesses tend to have a more intimate relationship with their clients. That might be a killer strategy for medium and large companies as well. Today’s consumers are complex; their needs are very specific. That’s why they welcome a more personalized experience.

Moreover, small business reflects their daily life much openly in social media leading them for superb engagement. In contrast, large corporation’s fail to deliver warm and straightforward messages to their end customer. It’s not easy to connect with them.

Who would have thought that thinking like a small business would become an effective marketing strategy for large corporations? But due to recent changes, it’s happening, and marketers must react fast. Grammarly could be one of the best examples, replying to almost every customer comment on LinkedIn.

Really impressive!

We have given you three outside the box tips for effective marketing strategy in today’s world. Comment below, let us know what you think, and let’s keep our marketing strategies up to date and effective!


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