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At Olivetree Marketing, we emphasise understanding each client’s business and developing a tailor-made marketing strategy. 

For us, marketing strategy often refers to sustainably growing the client business within a budget and a time frame. Once we sort that out, we break it down to marketing channels and execute the strategy with our fantastic team. 

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into how we grow your business? We are here to explain each element in our service portfolio and how these can benefit your business.  

You can also find our service portfolio at’s main navigation menu and fill out our contact form to get a quote. 

7 Different Ways Olivetree Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Do We Help You Grow Your Business – The Breakdown

1- Marketing Strategy

Professional marketers can discuss the marketing strategy for a new business for hours, if not days. Indeed, marketing strategy is crucial, but it doesn’t mean the strategy needs to be complex. When talking about a small business, you can name the plan in a few words, such as “We will kick off the brand by using influencer marketing.”

The starting point is always understanding the business and developing a solid strategy to grow the business. Let’s put it this way: if you sort out the marketing strategy, you might as well execute it, but if the strategy is not sorted, you would be wasting time executing the wrong marketing instruments. 

At Olivetree Marketing, we place marketing strategy at the center of everything we do. When we have a new client, strategy plays a big part in onboarding them. Our marketing agency has valuable members that have dealt with hundreds of businesses. That’s the main reason why you can rely on us with marketing strategy. Are you ready to get your strategy right? Check out our marketing strategy and get in touch with us right away! 

2- Digital Advertising

Undoubtedly, digital advertising is one of the key elements marketers can use to grow a business. Advertising is powerful because big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple rely on their advertising businesses. These three companies probably have the biggest CRM in the world. By using these platforms, advertisers can reach billions of targeted users.

At its core, it’s not so different than outdoor marketing, where you put a road sign and expect passengers to call your business. In that scenario, you can’t really be picky with your target audience, but digital advertising allows us to laser target potential customers. This is brilliant because we can reach our targets by spending less. 

Although, we, as Olivetree Marketing, strongly encourage you to see ads as an investment, not spending. This is the only attitude that can grow businesses. Have you been considering your options on digital advertising? We are just one phone call away. Let’s get your ads going.

3- Social Media Management

Social media is defined as an owned channel, which means we have full control of our social media. Plus, it’s free to use. Social media routines include creating a social media plan and, executing it, replying to messages and comments. On the other hand, there are proactive steps that you can take, such as becoming an influencer as a business by creating exceptional content, commenting on relevant threads, and constantly working with social media influencers. 

For most businesses choosing one channel and really pushing the limits could be rewarding. At Olivetree Marketing, we have been successfully managing various social media channels in different niches, including routine work as well as proactive ones. So if you are out on the look for your social media agency, we are here for you.

4- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Simply put, SEO refers to all work done to increase the search engine rankings of a website. If advertising is like hunting, SEO is like farming. That means advertising gives instantaneous results, whereas SEO gives us results in the middle and long run. Google uses a fancy ranking system, but at its core, it’s looking at your content, the interaction of the users with that content, and lastly, if other sites are linking back to you. 

All SEO projects start with keyword research. Once the keywords are determined, the content creation and link building begin. The good thing about SEO is that once you are ranked for desired terms, you start getting visitors for free. But of course, we can’t underestimate the initial investment. At Olivetree Marketing, we are helping small businesses to rank better by using on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. We also support the process by creating a fantastic blog site. Check our SEO page for more and start nailing the organic traffic immediately.

5- Professional Graphic Design

Giving a professional outlook to your business is just like being neat with your clothing and style. How to accomplish that? The first one is getting a professional graphic design service, and the second one is a well-designed business website. Once you start working with a professional graphic designer, you will get perfect brand consistency. What does that do?

Graphics can help your brand really stick into your target group’s head. This is often underestimated in marketing, but the value you can get out of it is absolutely on the money. At Olivetree Marketing, we pay great attention to your corporate identity and brand. To accomplish that, we take advantage of our in-house graphic design know-how. Check out our professional graphic design page and get a quote right away!    

6- Website Building

You can come up with the best marketing strategy in the world. Still, without a proper website, you won’t be able to execute it—all marketing channels such as advertising, SEO, and social media forward visitors to your website. A simple yet effective website is a must. It’s the most important representation of your brand today.

That’s why we all need a high-performing website. How to get that right? Work with us! Our clients, and we, as Olivetree Marketing, are super happy with the websites we built. Check out our website design page for more info and get a quote today.

7- Healthcare & NDIS Marketing

Our team has worked with a variety of industries over the years. But if you were to ask our core competencies, it would be healthcare marketing & NDIS marketing. Our founder Olivia has vast experience and network in the healthcare & NDIS niches. Therefore, our team’s efficiency is remarkable when dealing with these industries. Check out our dedicated pages, and let’s start growing your business as well.