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If you are a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dentist, speech pathologist or specialist, you might be wondering if digital marketing could be the ultimate cure to grow your business.

As a healthcare specialised marketing agency, we are here to prove you right!

Healthcare has experienced many marketing trends that have fundamentally altered marketing in the last decade from: 

  • a mass marketing approach to a more specific system,
  • image marketing to service marketing,
  • “one measure for all” to personalisation,
  • the emphasis on a health episode to a long-lasting relationship,
  • “ignoring” the market to market intelligence,
  • low-tech to high-tech. 

And now, we are living in the post-pandemic digital era that speeds up the digitalisation process even more for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare providers are now dealing with more workload due to pandemic and adapting to digital marketing trends to acquire new clients.

We know well that you don’t have much time, so we will cut to the chase and only give you our top 3 growth tactics. 

Keep on reading; it won’t take long before you have an idea of effective digital marketing in practice for healthcare!

Healthcare Digital Marketing – Top 3 Growth Tactics

To develop effective marketing tactics for industry-specific cases, we carefully analyse the consumer behaviour in that niche. 

When we do that, a dozen of data catches our eye, but the most vital one has been this one:

77% of Online Health Seekers Start At Search Engines.

This is a considerable amount, and once we get this sorted, it’s not very hard to unfold growth tactics for providers. 

Healthcare Content Marketing

1- Content Marketing & Social Media

Let’s go back to our foundational marketing tips for healthcare article for a second and remember the first step: Establish Trust By Publishing Informative Content!

Content marketing, at its core, is closely related to establishing trust. This is how you get the attention of potential clients today! 

Social media is mainly the distribution method for your content but can be used pro-actively when you interact with other relevant content.

Healthcare is perfectly suitable for text content such as blogging, graphic content such as social media posts, and videos. 

There are quite a few doctors who nailed content marketing at YouTube; we strongly recommend you to check out their content:

Eric Berg DC – 6.84M

John Campbell – 2.28M

Josh Axe – 2.08M

Dr OZ – 1.7M

2- Focus on Brand Awareness Ads Using Videos

How do you like the “You have us” video by Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center?

It’s a short and simple video but touching, and the message is clear and very strong!

Since we are dealing with humans in healthcare, it’s much easier to raise brand awareness and find concepts to do so.

Let’s suppose you have the best practice within your area. 

Certainly, your sign will make impressions when people are passing by. Also, your clients will speak up, and you will enjoy the power of the mouth buzz. 

There is only one problem here! These two alone won’t be enough to sustain your practice. The solution is intentional brand awareness campaigns! 

You don’t have to think too complicated but tell your target audience that you have a certain identity, and you are there to help them! 

Think of brand awareness as an insurance policy for your business. It’s like rent, bills and salary you pay. 

Check out our previously written “3 Reasons to Invest More in Brand Awareness” article for more in-depth information.

One of the best ways to raise brand awareness is to make short videos about the essence of your business that are also addressing your buyer personas!

Once you create the content that best represents your business and connects you with your personas, you can use brand awareness type of ads in Meta (Facebook & IG) or YouTube ads!

3- Conversational Marketing – Make Yourself Available for Clients

Do you know what people love these days? They love chatting with businesses that they are interested in purchasing. This is how they build trust and connect with companies in the “remote” era!

For this reason, one of the best investments you can make in healthcare digital marketing is implementing a conversational marketing strategy! By doing that, you can nurture your leads instantly, even closing sales right away!

The process is straightforward; open up your chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct or WhatsApp. You can also add a custom chat widget to your website for a more advanced experience. 

As you can see, healthcare digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. We have given you the top 3 tips today to make your life easier, but you can always ask for more! If that’s the case, give us a call at 1300 168 311, we are always happy to help!