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Today, Instagram growth is one of the critical aspects of social media management, thanks to the platforms humongous 1.36 billion + user base.

With our compact guide, we aim to help you make the most out of this social media channel in 3 simple steps.

But first, here are some interesting Instagram facts:

  • 500 million + people are active daily,
  • 200 million + people visit at least one business profile,
  • 70% of shoppers looking to Instagram for their next purchase,
  • The 18-44 years old range makes up to 79% of all users,
  • There are 500 million + active influencers,
  • 17% of marketers spend more than half of their budget on influencer marketing.


As you can see, this is a channel that’s still young and active where Instagrammers tend to engage with businesses. Also, influencers continue to take up a crucial part in Instagram marketing.


3 Simple Steps To Instagram Growth


Growing an Instagram channel refers to steadily increasing the relevant user count.

But do you know when most users follow an Instagram profile? Of course, when they are aware of the profile!

So, each relevant new follower means more brand awareness for businesses. Once you increase your user count (brand-aware prospects), you can start nurturing them with mid-funnel content.

Hopefully, when your followers (leads) are encouraged enough, they will become buyers.

Buyers don’t necessarily have to go to your e-commerce store and buy your goods; they can bring you referrals, ad revenue and even more awareness.

As you can see, things are getting quite exciting, so why not discover how to get more followers?


1- Proactively Engage With Relevant Profiles, Places, Hashtags


As mentioned in our 5 Vital Tactics For Proactive Social Media Management, being proactive in social media is a key success factor that also applies to Instagram growth.

However, most businesses on Instagram only engage with their target groups in a reactive manner. But the real low hanging fruit is when a company proactively seeks relevant content and engage with it.

Engagement could be in the form of likes, comments, shares, and even reposting content.

You might be thinking, how are we supposed to execute this strategy. Well, it’s not that complicated.

There are a couple of things we can do. Let us categorize them for you:


  • Follow daily trends and news, search for the related hashtag. Find the most recent and top posts and engage with them. Remember, if you follow someone, they can always follow you back when relevant and contextual.
  • Search for locations that might be related to your business. Then find posts that might be relevant to your business. Engage with post and the profile.
  • Actively search for business profiles that you might be business partners. Engage, follow and direct message them if necessary to start a cooperation.


2- Focus on Video Formats: Instagram Stories & Reels

Each time a new social media platform is born, the algorithm is super user-friendly, meaning that your posts will reach an incredible number of other profiles.

But once the social media platform reaches its maturity like Instagram, the platform wants to monetize its audience. Therefore, reducing the organic reach in the platform to trigger the usage of digital ads.

Similarly, when social media platforms introduce new products such as stories or reels, they allow for wider organic reach to expose the new feature to more people. This is crucial for social media platforms to be able to compete.

For example, when Instagram wanted to take down Snap Chat, they kicked off Instagram Stories, which had brilliant reach.

Recently, they kicked off Instagram Reels to dominate the short & vertical video publishing, and these days, if you create reels on Instagram, you could still get fantastic reach compared to regular posts.

Now, YouTube introduced Shorts to get into the short video platform competition, and you can bet this will allow for even more reach.

Long story short, focusing on videos instead of regular social media posts and Instagram posts, in particular, is a brilliant strategy to reach your audience organically.

So why not focus more on creating more video content on Instagram and social media?

Instagram tactics

3- Collaborate with Influencers & Businesses


Could there be a better platform than Instagram for Influencers and content creators?

It’s easy to use and the most influencer friendly medium with its advanced tagging features. Corporations use influencer marketing for sure, but the real benefit could be for small businesses with limited marketing knowledge.

If small business owners can find micro-influencers in their niche, they can raise excellent brand awareness, but more importantly, they can start selling their goods and services in no time.

Collaborating with other businesses on Instagram is another underrated topic. Some companies find it inappropriate to engage with another business on Instagram publicly. But what if you are selling complementary goods or services?

With joint effort, companies can make the most out of their social media budgets. These collaborations can be in the form of creating content together, cross-promoting e-commerce goods or organizing a giveaway campaign.

If you are serious about managing your social media like a boss, Instagram could be your best bet. Make sure to try out our Instagram growth tactics and let us know how well it goes!