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This is the number 1 question clients ask us. And it does not surprise us at all. After all everyone wants to know when they can the results of their marketing efforts.

Successful marketing is no easy goal to achieve, it not only takes time but it’s also long-term commitment for your business.
The real question is: how determined are you to grow your business? What is your goal? What planning and budgeting do you have in place for your long-term commitment to marketing activities?

Monitor your results

Monitoring the results of your marketing efforts is as essential as achieving your goals. Planning to achieve a goal takes commitment, and monitoring your progress is critical. Identify and define the goal you are chasing! Experiment with new methods, ensure you have complete control to achieve those results!

Do you have a plan?

Do you have a plan?

Implementing a plan knowing the time frame to achieve marketing goals is just as important to knowing when results will be achieved. Determining the who, what, when, where and how in ‘simple terms’ must be recorded at the early stages of your planning.
Committing to a goal begins with committing to a plan! Attempting to just achieve marketing goals without any plan in place will not guarantee any results. Use your planning as a benchmark for future marketing plans, lead from the front for your business!

Do you have a budget?

Building a marketing budget can be overwhelming, the expenses vs income can look scary on paper or on screen. Ensure you have accounted for all items required to achieve your goal. The amount of money spent on marketing does not guarantee when your results will be evident.

Spending more money on marketing does not guarantee results will be achieved quicker than expected. Plan and spend the right amount for marketing activities to suit your businesses intended audience. Advertising or campaigning through social media is less costly but may be the right avenue to reach your customers.

How do you know you are spending the right amount on your ads?

The answer is simple: Test and measure the results of your marketing efforts! Committing to the right budget for your business for either a short or long-term goal is critical to harness when you expect to see those results!

“41% of owners struggle to identify and reach new customers”

Don’t be afraid of marketing metrics

Marketing in a digital age offers marketers with an abundance of metrics to monitor and track their marketing efforts. Predicting when you will achieve results is difficult without any data to support your prediction. Having marketing metrics to support your arguments for new plans or tweaking current plans is warranted.
However, using marketing metrics to support a formidable plan in seeing results take effect is based on committing to an initial plan. Use market metrics as indicators so if your social media presence is declining in followers, a small media campaign may assist in re-directing to achieve your overall results.
Again, marketing metrics do not guarantee a time frame to achieving your results. Use them as a guide and track their movements, have control of your marketing efforts prior to the release of results.

Consider the external environment

Marketing is not always guaranteed based on your hard working efforts; your results could be affected by the external environment surrounding your business.
Recent global COVID-19 pandemic has seen companies reduce marketing due to the economical, political, and social impact on businesses. Marketing is still required and commitment to a new goal is also essential to stabilise business performance prior to the experience.
Ensure any external factors that may thwart your expectation for results do not show up unexpectedly. Assess the external environment, ensure to strategically change plans if necessary but also expect your results to be delayed! Marketers cannot control external influences that may affect your results, get ahead and plan for those scenarios!

“76% of business owners face marketing challenges”

Our favourite word: consistency!

If you have been following our blogs, you see the word consistency the most frequently used word. It’s not a coincidence. When you develop a marketing plan for the week, month, quarter or year, ensure you stick to the plan and remain consistent. Marketing departments are inclined to see their marketing efforts slow down and revert to a completed new plan.
In most industries the common phrasing is ‘Consistency is key’, the same saying applied to marketing, seeing results relies on your consistency, do not allow it to let you down!

Experiment for better marketing results

Experiment with your marketing

Experimenting different methods and techniques in marketing is all part of the business, a digital age now supports multiple avenues for your business to reach your customers. Testing new methods to achieve results could potentially harness effective outcomes for your business, however it could also delay or prohibit you ever reaching your intended target.

Research and assess how results will be guaranteed for your business prior to experimenting with your marketing activities. Taking a risk to achieve results quicker could be a gamble that may not pay off for your business!

Take baby steps! Be patient! Don’t give up!

Since no precise time frame is assured to achieve marketing results, it is important to mention that you must be patient and know your hard work will guarantee results!
Persevere in striving for something rewarding, marketing is a challenge worth working towards for your business. Patience is a virtue, don’t be discouraged from failed plans; experimentation and short-term plans can evolve to long-term commitments.
If you do not commit to those essential goals; implement a plan/budget, monitor progress, and remain consistent, then unfortunately results will not happen!! Don’t give up, find the light and strive for marketing greatness!!

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